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FORD_Taunus_17M_P2(TL)_deLuxe_Two_door_1958_Radio_Blaupunkt_Köln (2)I hear nonsensical voices when driving. (They seem to emanate from my car radio.) In fact, the other day I was listening to an uber-cool song on the radio. The song was new to me so I waited with breathless anticipation for the DJ (an archaic term used to describe a radio disc jockey whose job was to play music on vinyl records) to announce the name of the band at the conclusion of the song. Instead, the DJ came on the air and said: “When you hear a really good song on the radio, it is helpful if they tell you the name of the band.” Without naming the band, she went to a commercial. Aaargh! Are you kidding me? Why would the DJ state a problem, for which she has the solution, and not share the piece of information that solves the problem? Call me crazy (after all, I do hear nonsensical voices), but that doesn’t make sense. All she had to do was say the name of the band. She must be cruel, stoned, or blonde. (I hope my blonde wife doesn’t read this.)

OK, I’m finished venting. We all say and do nonsensical things now and then. (One of my in-laws talks a lot of nonsense.) Even I have said and done things that, in hindsight, make me cringe. Fortunately for us, the disciples said some nonsensical things while under the instruction of Christ. (And they were eventually declared saints.) Yes, Christ occasionally got exasperated with his disciples for their obtuse comments, but he NEVER gave up on them. I don’t know about you, but I am extremely grateful for Christ’s long suffering with the nonsense that too often comes out of my mouth. James 1:19 is that verse that cautions us to be quick to listen and slow to speak. It’s an excellent antidote to nonsense. And there is certainly a lot of nonsense spoken in the world today.