Remember For Today: Huh?

Pac Man

Last summer Hollywood tapped into our love of nostalgia (yet again) by taking us Boomers down memory lane with movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. What’s next, Pac Man: Centipede Road? Don’t get me wrong, I love nostalgia. It often seems more appealing to go back in time to relive the magic than try to create magic today. A couple years ago my wife and I stumbled upon an old console game of Pac Man. You know what I mean—a glass-top Pac Man table where two opponents sit across from each other and manipulate joy sticks. Funny how a “joy” stick can cause intense aggravation. In those days it cost .25 cents a game, so we had a significant financial incentive to stretch out the play time as long as possible. I recall that I usually played better after a few beers, or perhaps I only played better in my pickled head. In any case, a strange thing happened when Cindy and I sat down a couple years ago to play Pac Man—I lost interest after one game. It was fun to reminisce about our past experiences hunkered over a Pac Man table with a Coors buzz swirling through our noggins, but the actual magic of playing the game when Cindy and I were first getting together as a couple had faded into the glorious past. And that’s the beauty of nostalgia—it gives us a warm, albeit short, feeling, but it can also inspire us to appreciate the magic in moments we would otherwise overlook today. Or at least it can if we pay attention and are not under a self-imposed tyranny of busyness.

Fall is, in my opinion, the best time of year. It’s not too hot and not too cold (which means I save money on my home energy expense). Perfect weather for spending more time outdoors. How many of you went outside a few nights ago to look at the blood moon and the eclipse? It was spectacular, and it didn’t cost anything for admission . . . not even .25 cents. Sometimes those moments that create fond memories just happen, and sometimes we have to get off our butts and make them happen before old age and Alzheimer’s overtakes us. Just sayin’.


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