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Lewes Bonfire, Martyrs Crosses/Andrew Dunn

Lewes Bonfire, Martyrs Crosses/Andrew Dunn

Recently, during a weekly Bible study, some friends and I got sidetracked with a discussion about martyrdom. We are not usually so lugubrious in our explorations of faith and life (Unless discussing the prospects of the Oakland Raiders). Anyhow, later on I realized that we had focused on how we would or should endure the gruesome realities of physical persecution and death for our belief in Christ and the teachings of the Bible. Certainly there are places in the modern world where Christians still pay the ultimate price for their faith. But here in America, physical persecution and death for the faith is rare. That doesn’t mean Christians do not suffer a form of persecution and martyrdom in civilized America. The secular culture in America and other places around the world has simply become more sophisticated in their stoning of the saints. Christians and the tenets of the faith are attacked in many ways that do not involve physical violence. Here are some examples of how the civilized world stones Christians and the faith (metaphorically):

Stoning by tweets. Stoning by blogs. Stoning by blog comments. Stoning by political correctness enforcers. Stoning by opinion editorials in newspapers. Stoning by the news media. Stoning by books. Stoning by teachers and professors. Stoning by marketing messages. Stoning by political rhetoric. Stoning by the movie industry. Stoning by television programs. Stoning by the courts. Stoning by corporate PR on social issues. Stoning by the IRS. Stoning by science. And so on.

I do not know if these current forms of religious persecution portend a decline into future physical violence against people of faith. But all believers would do well to remain informed as to what transpires in the world around us. It’s easier to prepare when we know the stones are headed our way and what they look like. Sometimes it is necessary that we respond to persecution, other times we should let God deal with the situation. But we can’t make a decision as to the correct course of action if we are not even aware of the persecution. I know fellow Christians who valiantly try to maintain a positive attitude by burying their heads in the sand. Hey, it’s OK to speak up now and then. Even Jesus didn’t remain silent when some of his accusers attacked him verbally.


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