God’s Tattoo

Tattooing LegI sometimes wish I had a cool name like those you read about in history class, names like:

Alexander the Great
Agustus the Strong
Alfonso the Wise
Saint Brendan the Bold
Grady the Not-so-pious

In childhood, I didn’t like my name. I wanted a more common name like: Dave, Mike, Eric, Clark, or Lee. The name “Grady” seemed too different and odd. Now that I am a little more mature, I appreciate the uniqueness of my name. My father named me after his brother. Unfortunately, uncle Grady passed away before I got to meet him, but I think it safe to assume he and my father were close. It can be an honor to bear someone else’s name.

The Bible tells us that God knew us before he opened the book of time, before we ever walked on the green grass in the light of day, God knew our name. He knew it before our parents picked it. Names are like tattoos, you want one you can live with for a long time. God also allows us to know him and bear his name. Micah 4:5 says:

“For all the peoples walk
each in the name of its god,
but we will walk in the name of the Lord our God
forever and ever.”

In a spiritual sense, God’s name is tattooed permanently on our life. I bet that’s the coolest tattoo ever!


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