Sweet Dreams: Communication from God

Woman SleepingBack in Bible times, God occasionally communicated to people through dreams. For example, Joseph was warned in a dream to take Mary to a foreign land to escape Herod’s massacre of innocent children, thus ensuring the birth of Christ. My dreams are not so divinely inspired. Last night I dreamed I was in a duck blind in the middle of a marsh. I had a shotgun. There was also a minimart on an island in the middle of the marsh. A large formation of ducks flew over so I jumped up and shot at the birds. Two ducks fell from the sky. Wading through the water, I retrieved one deceased duck from the deck of a small boat in the marsh. I then searched for the other duck by scanning the water while driving around the edges of the marsh in a car with my hunting buddies. I spied the fallen duck diving under the water in a corner of the marsh so I bailed out of the car and shot at the duck. At that moment the duck changed into a man sitting on a dry little island with his back to me. I panicked, thinking that I had shot someone, but I was quickly relieved to see that I missed the man (which is a more realistic representation of my marksmanship). That’s when I woke.

Yeah, try to interpret that dream. (At least I wasn’t riding in the nude on a unicorn flying through the clouds.) Anyhow, that’s how my dreams roll. I’m fairly sure the Lord has never sought to wade through my eccentric subconscious to communicate with me through a dream. That said, it’s easy for us believers to become a little skeptical when the Lord doesn’t communicate with us through dramatic means such as dreams or angelic visitations. We believe in the supernatural so we long for a supernatural communication from God. I believe God still communicates now and then in dramatic ways, but also in some not-so-obvious dramatic ways.

In Christianity Today’s online magazine, I recently read the testimony of a self-described leftist lesbian professor who despised Christians until she met a pastor who asked her insightful questions about how she came to her conclusions and philosophy of life. She realized she did not know much about Christianity and so she became a voracious reader of the Bible. And something miraculous happened: she started to wonder if Christ’s story might be true. She eventually yielded to God’s love and converted to Christianity. Will everyone who reads the Bible accept its message of love, grace, and forgiveness? No. God does not thwart humanity’s free-will.

Nevertheless, the supernatural is not limited to grand dramatic methods God occasionally uses to communicate with a small number of people. The supernatural also resides in the piercing words of God, even though simply printed on paper for ALL to read.


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  1. Just because you have a few crazy dreams that make no sense, don’t doubt that the Lord can speak to you in dreams, visions and other ways. The Lord speaks to me in dreams and so I blog them.

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