Mixed Messages

Message in a BottleRecently, I saw a young woman walk out of a store wearing a blue sweatshirt that had two words emblazoned on the back: “Love Pink.” It was probably a reference to the breast cancer awareness movement, or it might be that the young lady really likes the singer Pink. Or how about this, maybe she just loves the color pink, but if so, why was it on a blue sweatshirt? I’m so confused. What did her message mean?

Oh, oh, here’s a good one. I recently saw two bumper stickers on the same car: a COEXIST bumper sticker next to an ARMY bumper sticker. Aaargh! What are they trying to say?

We live in a world of quick ambiguous communication that can lead to misunderstanding. Compounding the problem is our flawed nature that can cause us to misunderstand and mischaracterize each other. Many hurts and conflicts arise because someone misunderstood a comment or action of another. Of course there are times when the other party intentionally snubs us or hurts us and their intent was communicated quite clearly. That is why I love this short clip on grace from the movie The Tree of Life:

This type of grace cannot be expressed into the world by human will alone. It can only come from God, though God often uses us to spread it in the world. Christ was the perfect manifestation of God’s grace towards us. Of course, there is a choice involved with grace: We can choose to live by grace or our base instincts, what the video clip calls nature. Grace is counterintuitive, but God loves it. If we got nothing else right in our Christianity, living by grace would go a long way in the Kingdom of Heaven. But I’ll admit: It is very hard to replace instinct with grace.


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