Guard Turkey On Duty

There is a flock of turkeys that live near our house. They were feeding beside the highway when I drove to work this morning. They made me think of . . . Thanksgiving. They also made me think of how the Lord watches over us. You see, this particular rafter of turkeys consists of a mother bird and her almost-adult brood. The momma turkey stood with her neck stretched high to scan her surroundings for danger. While she stood guard, her nearby offspring pecked in the dirt for seeds and bugs. (Oddly, she didn’t possess the wherewithal to discern the dangers associated with feeding alongside the highway.) Anyhow, the brood was safe from predators as long as they remained close to their mother. The scene reminded me of what the Bible says Psalm 121: 7-8:

“The Lord keeps you from all harm
and watches over your life.
The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go,
both now and forever.”

These are comforting words. But when I read this verse I can’t help but notice what seems like a contradiction in the phrase “from all harm.” The ostensible contradiction is this—despite what this verse says, bad things still happen to good people, even those who are close to God. Then it dawned on me: There is no contradiction because the Lord protects from every TYPE of harm or evil. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are protected from every INCIDENT of harm or evil, especially if we intentionally seek out sin and mischief. If we drift away from God, we have a greater risk of getting picked off by dangers in the world. Ultimately, this verse is about the protection of our soul. No matter what, God has our soul’s back.

Anyhow, when I think of all the bad decisions I’ve made and the precarious situations I’ve encountered in life, I’m either very lucky, or someone is watching over me. I’m sure it’s the latter. (Otherwise, I’d have won the lottery by now.)


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