Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Untie the Knot

Imagine my surprise when I saw the news that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce. I wasn’t astonished so much at their unfortunate divorce, but at the fact that Tom Cruise is fifty. Cruise will probably be just like Dick Clark—forever young. Some folks have all the luck.

This serious news junkie used to think celebrity news was drivel and beneath me. But I must admit there is an element of entertainment in reading about the lives of celebrities. We like to escape in a fairytale and shut out the ugliness of the world. I suppose it is a type of amusement akin to listening to music or playing endless games of Mahjong (my usual addiction). I can see how it can be fun to watch the antics of glamorous and talented people. We also love to see what’s going on behind the scenes in their personal lives; like peeking behind the curtain to see the real Wizard of Oz. It’s just wise to remember that much of what we see behind the curtain is probably inaccurate, as well.

Still, I feel a bit ill at ease watching the grief and pain of celebrities as a form of entertainment. They are, after all, real people. Granted, many celebrities have made bad choices that turned their private lives into train wrecks. Even so there are a lot of wonderful stories told by folks in the entertainment industry. Even Christianity has its celebrity pastors, priests, and saints who entertain us while helping us mature. We are a culture with a voracious appetite for entertainment. As newspapers wither, entertainment magazines thrive.

A.W. Tozer said, “The human heart cannot exist in a vacuum. If men do not have joy in their hearts they will seek it somewhere else.”

Why is joy so elusive . . . even for many Christians? Have we allowed the high priests of entertainment in movies, sports, music, and gaming to replace the joy of the Lord in life? Entertainment has essential artistic value, but it isn’t enough without some cerebral and spiritual fulfillment. Maybe joy can only come if we slow down and choose to let the Holy Spirit work in our heart.

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