Expensive Pens

About ten years ago I purchased a thirty dollar ballpoint pen with a fancy ergonomic grip. I still have that pen. Most people lose pens all the time. They lose them so often they don’t even notice. That’s because most pens are cheap. The writer doesn’t care if he or she misplaces a cheap pen. They don’t even notice when a borrower walks away with their cheap pen. But when you shell out thirty bucks for a fancy writing implement, you cherish it. I know where my pen is at all times (yes, it is a little obsessive compulsive). I do not let borrowers walk away with my pen.

As Easter approaches, I like to read all the Gospel accounts of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. The suffering and sacrifice of Christ is a poignant reminder of how much God cherishes his people. He paid a high price for us. He always knows where we are. We are in the palm of his hand. He won’t lose us. He won’t let someone else walk away with us without a fight. We are not cheap. We are precious to God.


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