Reckless Abandon

Something remarkable happened in church last Sunday—somebody worshipped with reckless abandon. I think the song was “Forever God is Faithful,” or some song that speaks about the faithfulness of God. It happened in a large church that meets in a college gymnasium. The music was loud and the congregation was getting into it when a couple rows behind me a young man began to shout “God you are faithful, you are so faithful to me” during the chorus. I don’t mean he was simply singing a little louder than those nearby. No, he was shouting as loud as his vocal chords could go without distortion. This affected nearly the entire congregation, including the pastor up on the stage. It made our hearts leap. Even the pastor said he felt the Holy Spirit moving in the building. Maybe those shouts were the right thing to do at just that specific time; I don’t know. In other words I don’t know if every worship service can be so blessed. But I really appreciate that young man’s boldness in worship. I wish I could let go with passion like that. Of course not every worship session should be loud and passionate. There are times for a softer, more reflective worship. But we in the church, even with all our technology and modern music accoutrements, often worship halfheartedly. I sometimes think genuine worship should be exhilarating and exhausting. Still, I worry too much about what people will think of my singing or whether they’ll think I’m nuts if I do anything other than stand and sing. Truth is there will always be someone who’s offended or uncomfortable when worship extends beyond the bounds of what’s “acceptable.” Certainly I don’t want to make people uncomfortable, but I wonder if we are missing something by holding back. Trust me I don’t want worship and church to be only about intense touch-feely emotion. My heart simply yearns for real connection with God, not just an outpouring of my emotions. No, I want my spirit to dance with God’s spirit. Is that asking too much?


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