The Future

The older we get, if we obtain any wisdom, we grow increasingly wary of offering advice. That said, I’m going to venture a hazard and offer young folk a precious, painfully earned, dainty of wisdom. If you are just starting out in life—maybe you just got married or you are entering college—focus very little on acquiring possessions and more on freedom from the grind. Why? Because unless you are blessed with enough maturity and tenacity to work in a field you were born for, you will likely reach middle age (55 and up) and experience and urgent change in priorities. Things become less important. I have a house (and a garage) full of crap I could care less about. What I crave more than anything at this toilsome stage of life is—time! Oh I don’t mean a longer life (though that would be nice). I mean time to do what I want, or feel called to do, rather than performing the duties of an employer fulfilling a different mission from my own. Yes, time is more precious than status, position, a mcmansion, a second home in Hawaii, or a net worth in the seven figure stratosphere. Forget about BMW’s, boats, Harleys, ATV’s, or snowmobiles. Focus on achieving early retirement or building a successful business to the point where you can leave it in capable hands while you pursue your passions. Don’t think you’ll just squeeze in the things you want to do. The truth is your energy will fade and the little remaining will be consumed trying to keep doing your job at peak performance. Yep, time is king for people of a certain age, and everybody gets there. Shun debt whenever possible. Pay off your home early. If you must work for wages, make sure you work for a flexible employer. Do whatever it takes to position yourself to take advantage of time in middle age. So there it is: you can’t say nobody warned you!


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