Lost In My Mind

There’s a hip, sort of melancholy, song called “Lost In My Mind” that I listen to now and then. The song feels like therapy in a way. Of course you’d probably like a peek into my addled psyche to understand why. Not a chance! The point is that even sappy sad songs can lift our spirits. Thank God for music and the joy it bestows. And yet many of us often discover that joy, other than ephemeral joy, is elusive because we don’t always perceive our purpose, place, calling, raison d’être, as clearly revealed to us by God. That’s me! Oh don’t feel sorry for me (OK you can send some flowers if you like); I’m simply searching for the truth. Yes, yes, I know the struggles and disappointments to finding joy via purpose are just byproducts of what Christianity calls our fallen world. Don’t get me wrong, there have been times when I felt God touch my life and point me in the right direction. And God can be experienced in other ways, as well. I just returned from four days at Lake Tahoe, California, and let me tell you the greatness of God was clearly evident in the granite mountains surrounding the Lake; granite that took eons to sculpt by the slow grinding pressure of ancient glaciers on enormous mountains populating heights where the air is thin (God is extreeeemely patient, unlike me). But on a personal level, I’ve often heard it said in the church that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Well, with more than two score years under my belt, I’m still waiting to see what the main plan looks like. I know that sounds a bit negative, but it’s honest. The tedium of life can discourage the most stout-hearted soul as the years drag by while it appears God has forgotten us. I envy folks who have the hand of God clearly on their lives, directing them and using them in astounding ways. They often seem full of joy, energy, and a positive spirit. They accomplish extraordinary things. But what about the rest of us, are we doomed to a life without God opening doors or using our skills and passions to help advance his mission? I don’t know! Even I doubt now and then. I occasionally wonder is God real. But anyhow, based on what I’ve read in the Bible and observed in the church, it seems like God’s love and design often work just under the surface as we trudge through the days of our lives (is that soap opera still on TV?). King David was used by God at an early age. Moses was used by God later in life. But they both had a season of preparation when they likely didn’t think much would happen as orchestrated by God. Of course they were selected for leadership. So what about the rest of us, the worker bees? Where do we fit in? Does God really have a plan for each person’s life? I hope so. I hope God uses us even when it doesn’t feel like God is using us. Before uniting with Christ, or at least before taking him seriously, we chase the proverbial pot of gold. After taking him seriously, many of us chase the blessing of knowing his plan for our life. I hope he’s pleased by that desire to be used by him. I hope he has something special for each person, not just a select few, to accomplish in his service. Yep, hope is a wonderful thing.


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